The photographer says: “Here's a shot I particularly like. I took it last month [May, 2009] in the mountains west of Denver, near Breckenridge. It was a dark, cloudy and drizzly day. [I used] a little pocket camera (Sony Cybershot DSC W170) on full automatic---I may have manually set it to ASA 400, but otherwise it was full auto. I'm pretty sure there was at least a little optical zoom. It should present [sky replacement] with a challenge, especially since there's a bit of fog around the top of the mountains.

”Of the three replaced skies in this example, my favorite is 17-3002-03-PAN.’

Thanks to Bill Webb, El Paso, TX

Sky replacement can be effective from virtually any digital photograph. Of course, the resolution may limit the practical size of enlargements. And the more detail of foreground openings or intrusion into sky areas iin the original, the greater the task of masking out the original sky for replacement.



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